High School Coaches Associations

Two of the last three weekends, Grip Spritz has hit the road to Columbus, Ohio and Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Both we’re the sites to their respective states High School Basketball Coaches Association Clinics. Coaches from all over the state met to listen in on some very knowledgeable coaches from all over.

Speakers included Bobby Huggins, Wes Miller, Brad Underwood, Seth Greenberg, Chris Holtmann and tons of big time high school coaches from the area.

Each coach got to use a local college team to demonstrate how they run practices or sets specific to their program to give a more hands on feel for all the high school coaches in attendance.

Between the two events we were able to connect with over 700 coaches from the two states and showcase what Grip Spritz does, why it works and why it’ll help save their school money.

We’re already looking forward to heading back to both next year as well as eyeing more states in the coming months!