Stop Slipping on Dusty Basketball Courts!

Grip Spritz stops your basketball shoes from slipping on the court. No adhesives, no sticky sheets, no reapplying over and over, just game long grip!

Grip Spritz is perfect for...

- Players: Tired of showing up to a gym for a game, practice, tournament, camp or even pick up game and the court is super dusty? Grip Spritz Bottles fit in your backpack to go everywhere you play!

- Parents: Hate seeing your kids lick their hands to clean the dust off their shoes mid game? Never again!

- Coaches: Are you going through costly sticky pad and replacement sheets and players still aren't getting the traction they need? Grip Spritz solves that!

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Grip Spritz vs. Sticky Pads

"We (NCBCA) are excited to work with Grip Spritz. They have been amazing to work with and offer a tremendous product. Their customer service is outstanding and we know our athletes are gonna love this product!"

Brian Carver - Director of North Carolina High School Basketball Coaches Association & High School Coach

"Our players love Grip Spritz. The bottles are something they can keep in their bag. They can spray and go, giving them better traction on the floor!"

Texas Fury - Semi Professional Basketball Team

"Grip Spritz allows you to have grip/traction no matter what type of floor you play on. The Omaha Cuttaz players can't go without it! Highly recommended for any basketball entity!"

Omaha Cuttaz (AAU Organization)

"My league was introduced to Grip Spritz after wasting time and money on all types of sticky pads. It was AMAZING! No more slip & slide or spitting on the court! It lasted the entire practice! THE BEST!"

IPWBLeague - Women's Professional Basketball League

"Love this product, very effective and easy to apply. You can feel the extra traction instantly!"

Atlanta Savage Basketball Club (AAU Organization)

Before & After Grip Spritz

"I thought the reusable traction mat was a neat idea. Too many times the tear-off sticky mats are wasted and seem to dry out quick. My boys team cannot believe how long the traction lasts, even they say it works better than the old way. Even some refs are coming over to try it!"

Lisa Morelli - Athletic Director, Logan High School

"I used this product for my high school team on their shoes and I let some of our youth teams too. It's amazing. Product is great and service is better!"

Seth Martin - Boy's Basketball Coach, West Holmes High School

"Used this past season and helped us win a Conference Championship. Great job keeping our shoes clean. Thank you Grip Spritz!"

Strasburg High School Lady Tigers

"Decided to use this instead of SlippNott this season. Very happy with the results. Grip lasts longer and the players like how easy it is to use. This will definitely be our shoe cleaning product for seasons to come!"

Troy McClellan - High School Basketball Coach

"We use this product every day before practice and games, they work way better than sticky mats and no mess! I would recommend this to everyone interested in better grip! Making old shoes feel new!"

Coach Clinks - Girl's Basketball Coach, Chaney High School