Stop Slipping on the Basketball Court!

Grip Spritz stops your basketball shoes from slipping and sliding, no matter how dusty or dirty the court is!

Better Grip, Better Game!

Individual Player Use

Team Use

Grip Spritz is perfect for...

- Players: Tired of having no traction and slipping on the defensive end of the court or getting beat back door? Not anymore!

- Parents: Hate seeing your kids lick their hands to clean the dust off their shoes mid game? Never again!

- Coaches: Are you going through costly sticky pad and replacement sheets and players still aren't getting the traction they need? Grip Spritz solves that!

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Check out what players are saying!

I officiate, coach middle school, & most importantly, a parent of a player. It has been a tremendous asset to our program! No matter the floor, we're not sliding around like the other teams. If you're taking the court, you shouldn't without Grip Spritz.

Laine Hughes - Referee (16 Years) & Coach (8 Years)

Players at all levels enjoy Grip Spritz