What is Grip Spritz?

Grip Spritz revitalizes and cleans the soles of your basketball shoes to help improve your game.

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Grip Spritz is perfect for...


Tired of having no traction and slipping on the defensive end of the court? Grip Spritz regrips the soles of your shoes to improve your game!


Hate seeing your kids lick their hand to clean the dust off their shoes? Never again!


Going through sticky pad after sticky pad and they're still not working on the shoes? Grip Spritz solves that.


Check out what players are saying!
I am connected to basketball in many ways. Not only have I officiated state tournaments in Kentucky, I am also a middle school basketball coach, but most importantly a parent of a travel ball player. Grip Spritz is the perfect product for both officials and players! Neither myself, or any of my players take the floor without a good treatment of Grip Spritz. Once the basketball season came around, I knew I needed something for our entire team. The traction mat was still in research and development stages and we were lucky enough to be a team to get to use it before it hits the market. This was a tremendous asset to our program! Being from rural Kentucky, and at a very small middle school we play in a lot of different types of gymnasiums; from tile, rubber, to the occasional good wood floor. Not once were we sliding around like other teams. Many of our opponents used our system instead of the traditional sticky pads that they have because frankly, they weren’t working. The best thing about the mat, it is so easy to use! As an official I treat my shoes before every game. That extra grip allows me to stop and change direction in a much quicker manner. Most of my officiating partners are now doing the exact same thing after using my bottle first hand! It truly is a game changing product. Whether it be a coach, an official, or a parent you should never take the court without Grip Spritz!
Laine Hughes
Referee (15 Years) & Coach (7 Years)


How Long does a treatment last?

Depending on the type of court, 2-3 games. Hardwood courts collect less dust and Grip Spritz holds longer.

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle of Grip Spritz last about 10-12 tournaments.

How long do I have to wait to use my shoes?

After your shoes are dried with a cotton towel, you’re good to go!

Will the shoes be sticky?

Unlike traction pads, Grip Spritz allows your shoes to grip the court without being sticky and picking up more dirt.

How much do I spray on the shoes?

The first treatment will take about 5 full sprays and wiped clean. After that, a spritz will do!

Is it toxic?

Absolutely not.