Phenom Basketball

Phenom Basketball x Grip Spritz
Phenom America is the premier group at promoting youth basketball talent across the country. With a long history of providing youth athletes an experience unlike any other, top players choose Phenom to help get them to the next level.
During the upcoming season, Grip Spritz will be courtside providing on court traction at all their national events held in San Diego, Dallas, and Charlotte.
Phenom's regional events held all over the country will also have an opportunity to get our traction mats, bottles and more during their weekend with Phenom.
Phenom's previous camp attendees speak for themselves. With over 170 NBA alumni, it's safe to say some of your favorite players we're working with Phenom.
Players attend Phenom for the experience. Grip Spritz joins their team of sponsors that include Nike, Gatorade, and Disney. When you go to Phenom's camps, you get more than basketball, you get a first class experience.
We are incredibly excited to work with the future of the sport at all of Phenom's various events!
We at Grip Spritz, as well as those with Phenom believe this could be an incredible opportunity for both of us! 
Phenom is incredibly excited to work with a company in an incredibly early stage and help garner the attention to Grip Spritz they believe it deserves given our ability to save individual money, provide longer lasting traction, and elongate the life of the player's shoes.
At Grip Spritz, we are incredibly proud of the effort we have put into this business to have earned the opportunity to be in the same conversation as groups such as Phenom. We think is the start of Grip Spritz going to another level!