Best Way To Stop Slippery Basketball Shoes

Basketball players are constantly worried about slippery basketball shoes. It’s becoming more and more common for basketball courts to be dusty and dirty.

For the longest time, the only answer has been stepping on a piece of sticky plastic to remove the dust that’s on the shoes. Due to the use of adhesives, a few possessions later, the shoes were slippery again.

In addition, these products have become incredibly expensive both to get started and to replace the sticky sheets.

We wanted to find a way to give players and teams a game worth of grip without schools having to break the bank.

Grip Spritz uses no adhesives or chemicals that would harm the rubber soles of the shoes.

As we hit the road to showcase this idea to basketball coaches and athletic directors, they were blown away by how well and how long Grip Spritz works.

Grip Spritz Traction Mat’s for both a girls and boys programs will cost a school less than half just one SlippNott sticky pad.