Schools across the country are switching from outdated, expensive, ineffective sticky pads to Grip Spritz.


  • Grip Spritz knows schools cannot treat their courts as well as many teams would like. Between gym classes, fans coming in and out and having nothing but a push broom, courts become dusty and dirty. Using sticky pads does nothing but make your shoes sticky magnets for whatever is on the court, that's why sticky sheets only last a few possessions. With no adhesives, Grip Spritz will last an entire game.
  • Our traction mat comes with enough solution for 64 games or practices! We recommend a half oz of solution per usage. That's over triple the amount of games or practices for half the price of those replacement sticky sheets.
  • Instead of buying stacks of sticky sheets for the next season, our traction mat is refilled with a liquid solution. Those refills come as two 16 oz bottles (32 games or practices). Most schools will get a traction system for their men's and women's programs, then provide each team with one of the 16 oz bottles to keep them ready for the whole season!

For more information, tax exempt info, or to get your team better grip, contact:

Matt Olen

(440) 376-0234