North Carolina Coaches Clinic

Each year, states all across the country invite coaches from their respective states to join them for coaching clinics. Some states lump all sports together while others break them down sport by sport.

Last fall, Grip Spritz was able to travel to Ohio and Pennsylvania’s basketball coaches clinics to showcase our Traction Mat. Coaches and athletic directors were blown away by the how effective and long lasting Grip Spritz was, as well as the cost savings to their school compared to the sticky pads.

Our goal this summer and fall was to hit the road and continue to spread Grip Spritz to high school hoops programs around the country. Our first stop was to Greensboro, North Carolina.

This event hosted every sport and we saw hundreds, maybe over a thousand coaches from all over the state. In addition, we were able to have Grip Spritz down on the court for the North Carolina State All Star game for both boys and girls.

This is the first of many states as we round out the back half of 2022, can’t wait to see you all out there!