Grip Spritz came about when Tom Rose (founder) was recovering from back surgery.  A year after surgery the reformed golf-a-holic was going to play a round of golf when he realized he needed to either clean or regrip his clubs.  The traditional way of using a detergent and water, and then air dried over night was just not what he had patience for.

After looking online and at the local sports stores, Tom Rose realized that there was not a simple product available to clean, revitalize, and extend the life of the grip.  So he approached a chemist that he knew and after numerous trials with him and testing on various sporting equipment such as basketballs, tennis rackets, baseball bats, and ultimately golf grips, Grip Spritz was created.

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Grip Spritz is entirely made in the USA using top quality ingredients.  Athletes are using our product all over the world and by all levels from amateur to professional.  All of them agree that a better grip will improve your game.











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